Reach your Android device from anywhere

About Us

The Webkey provide a solution to manage your devices from any browser

About the service

As you may know, Webkey started off as a hobby project on which the developers worked on in their free time. We still provide the service for free and we are working hard to support the widest range of devices what are possible.

Current state

Currently we are redrawing the lines. We have redesigned the whole service focusing on the best user experience. A couple weeks ago we released the new version, but meanwhile we still provide support for the "old" version, so you can keep using it.

If you love our app you can support the development with donations.
Thanks for everybody who has already sent, we highly appreciate every donation we get!


You can use the key features for anything without limits.

Follow the screen

Get real time screen stream of the Android devices in your computer.

Remote control

You can inject touch, button, key press events into your device through a web browser.


Get the phone's location (GPS and network) and follow on the map.

How it works

Choose a nick name and the Webkey service will open a gate for your Android device.
Just install the app and open a webrowser!

  • Installation

    Download Webkey app for free from Google Play Store or via direct link. Open the link on your device and after the automatic installation the app is ready to use!

  • Registration

    Set nick name

    The registration to the Webkey service is simple. Choose a nickname and fill the form on your device. With this nick you can reach your device anywhere from the world.

  • Log In

    Browse your nick

    Open the Webkey's website and navigate to your device or use a direct link like this:

  • Start use

    Control your evice

    After you set up the user credentials you can manage your device anytime. Does not matter whether the device is connected to the internet via wifi or 3G.

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    Of Our


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